Driving a school bus is a challenging job. 

Bus drivers are given the responsibility of safely transporting students of all ages to and from school.  They have an obligation to drive safely and attentively in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions.  But they also have the duty to supervise the activities of a bus full of students – and to do it all while keeping their eyes on the road.



Bus Coop assists bus drivers by giving them strategies to help manage the toughest part of their job and that’s the behavior of students.


  •  Get to know the students  learn their names and let them know you’re interested in them.
  •  Be a positive role model  show students the behavior that you would want to see from them. Compliment good behavior.
  •  Respect students’ personal space  students have limited personal space on the bus when approaching a student, remain one leg-length away.
  •  Be aware of body language  which includes posture, movement, and facial expressions.  Be aware of your own body language.
  •  Establish rules  keeping them short and simple.  Give a written copy of rules to all students, and post them on the bus.
  •  Set limits when rules are broken  when a student breaks a rule tell them and why it is important. Set limits so that the student has a choice and consequences of these choices.
  •  Remain calm  even when students are belligerent or insulting, don’t allow them to push your buttons, If you lose control, you will probably make the situation worse.